The Phoenix Gold Corporation Announces New Site Launch

          In 2009, The Phoenix Gold Corporation was born as a precious metals dealer targeting dealer to dealer wholesale transactions. As the popularity and demand for precious metals grew, so did inquiries from retail customers looking to purchase items at competitive prices. So began TPGC’s expansion into retail sales through eBay and other precious metals outlets.

            The Phoenix Gold Corporation has always strived to provide the finest products and service in order to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. This commitment to their customers resulted in a substantial increase in retail sales with a large percentage of returning customers. Because of this increased demand, and TPGC’s commitment to providing its customers the best possible prices, TPGC began to explore alternative avenues to continue sales to retail customers. In doing so, TPGC’s prices may decrease as a result of being relieved of fees associated with most precious metals sales outlets. So was born The Phoenix Gold Corporation’s new website;

            With months of planning, constructing and preparing, TPGC was happy to announce the website’s launch on August 22, 2013. TPGC is proud to say that this website will provide an easy and secure way for retail and wholesale customers alike to shop for and purchase precious metals at competitive prices. The website currently features items such as Classic Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars, Foreign Gold, and Certified Numismatic Coins to meet a large variety of demands.