Purchasing Numismatic Coins with Confidence

Collecting coins with numismatic value can be an expensive and nerve wracking hobby. Prior to the existence of third party coin grading services, such as PCGS, NGC, and ICG, rare coins were sold without any guarantee of authenticity or condition. All transactions were made in good faith and based on the opinions of friends and strangers alike. The existence of coin grading services has made a major impact on the numismatic coin collecting community. With these services available, the interest in collecting numismatic coins has increased. It remains true, however, that even with such services being available, mistakes still happen and coins are over or under graded.


In the world of coin collecting, there are still those collectors who are hesitant to purchase numismatic coins that have been graded by the top coin grading services. The fact of the matter is a grade is still based on the opinions of people. While these people are the best known experts, there still lays the skepticism surrounding the likeliness of human error. The best possible solution to relieve this skepticism was introduced by a service known as Certified Acceptance Corporation or CAC for short. CAC serves as a second set of eyes for coin grading services. Collectors can submit coins graded by the top coin grading companies to CAC for extra verification. Experts at CAC then review the coins and mark them with a green sticker if they believe that the grade is accurate for each specific coin.


The popularity and demand for CAC stickered coins has steadily increased. These coins even sell for a higher premium than a non-CAC stickered coin in the same grade designated by the same service. The reason for this is simply that collectors want some peace of mind when adding coins to their collection. There is less buyer’s remorse and more confidence in the product when it is CAC certified. There are still excellent examples of coins in holders with accurate grades; they simply have yet to be certified by CAC.


With our customers’ best interests in mind, The Phoenix Gold Corporation has added some wonderful examples of CAC coins to our inventory. These coins are currently listed for sale on our website. The following are a few examples.


1909-D PCGS MS64+ $5 CAC


1855 PCGS AU53 $3 CAC


1910 NGC MS64 $20 CAC