1850-O NGC XF45 $20 Featured Coin

1850-O NGC XF45 $20 Featured Coin

1850 New Orleans Double Eagle

This 1850-O is the First Year the New Orleans Mint made the Double Eagle.  She is rare in almost all grades.  This example is a superb coin for the XF45 grade.

The 1850-O $20 was the first Double Eagle produced at the New Orleans branch mint. According to Dave Akers, its rarity by average grade is ranked 4th out of the entire 204 coin Double Eagle series. It is a conditional rarity that is difficult to find above XF45, so strictly graded AU’s are quite rare. These coins are by no means the best struck of the double eagles, however, they do sport a better strike than many other 20 Libs from the O-mint specifically. This particular example can carry its head high in regard to its overall eye appeal because It lacks the deep distracting marks and heavy abrasions that most of these coins endured from local commerce.

Her color and surfaces are an attractive olive golden glow.  Although the luster is almost non-existent for these coins, this one still has a glimmer.  With choice surfaces being so hard to find on the 1850-O $20, this XF45 is surely a delight to any serious collector of double eagles.

Offered at 7,750

This 1850-O $20 has been graded XF45 by NGC.


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