Coin 101: Silver Peace Dollars

Coin 101:  Silver Peace Dollars

All About the Silver Peace Dollar

The Peace Dollar is a United States minted silver dollar with mintage dates of 1921 through 1928, 1934 and 1935.  The Silver Peace dollar is the US Coin design that was released following the Silver Morgan Dollar and is also the last Silver dollar that the United States Mint had intended for circulation.

The United States Minted Peace Dollar was designed by Anthony de Francisci. His role was decided when he won a design contest as an independent artist who had never designed a coin before.  He used a picture of his wife Teresa de Francisci as the inspiration for his design, which was well received and earned his winning title as the designer of the coin.   The obverse displays the head and neck of the Goddess of Liberty bearing a spiked.  The reverse depicts the commonly used bald eagle, but rather than standing with its wings outstretched, it is perched atop a mountain.

Peace Dollar
Mass 26.73g
Diameter 38.1mm
Composition 90.0% Silver
10.00% Copper
Edge Reeded
Silver .77344 Troy Oz
Year 1921-1928
Mints Philadelphia
San Francisco
Design Liberty
Designer Anthony de Francisci

On December 28th, 1921 the first Peace Dollar was minted at the Philadelphia Mint with a mintage of just over one million pieces.    1921 is the only year of the Peace Dollar that was minted as a high relief coin.    1921 Peace Dollar High Relief

They continued to strike the Peace Dollar until production temporarily ceased in 1928.  Production began again in 1934 with its mintage in 1935. In 1965 the Denver Mint minted 316,000 Peace Dollars dated 1964 that were never issued and were all to have been melted.  There are rumors that some may have made it out of the mint without being melted, which would make for an exciting discovery.

The Lady Liberty Peace Dollar was minted in three different mints; Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco.  Philadelphia minted 111,230,179 total coins, which far more than the other locations.  By year, the 1922 (51,737,000) and the 1923 (30,800,000) Peace Dollars had the largest two mintages at the Philadelphia mint.  In comparison, the 1924 (11,811,000) and 1925 (10,198,000) Philadelphia minted dates are still considered common, but had a much smaller mintage which results in trading at larger premiums in some grades.  Nearly all of the Denver and San Francisco minted Peace Dollars had smaller mintages than Philadelphia examples.

The Silver Peace Dollar is still an American Treasure and can be found in nearly every condition from Cull, Circulated, AU, BU, and higher graded examples.  We always stock every flavor and are proud to be one of the largest dealers of Peace Dollar in America.  We are actively buying and selling both Morgan Dollars and Peace Dollars.  We are always here to answer any of your questions you may have.  We look forward to making a long lasting relationship together.



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