Collectors Chair: Does this ring a bell?

Collectors Chair:  Does this ring a bell?

In today’s episode of The Collectors Chair, we talk about how to identify a fake Morgan Dollar by the way it rings.  I show how to find a identify a fake Morgan coin in a handful of Cull 1921 Morgan Dollars.  One of the important things when buying coins is to trust the company you are purchasing them from as well as trust that you are getting a real coin.  I am confident with the knowledge that we have acquired over the years in counterfeit detection on US Gold and Morgan and Peace dollars.  When we find a fake coin in a batch of dollars we remove it and send the coin to be melted or us it for teaching purposes.   Therefore removing the coin out of circulation.

When we are on the fence and are not %100 percent sure the coin is fake, we recommend sending your coin into a grading service to see if it is genuine.  We use ICG many times for this because they have one of the best in Silver Dollar Grading with Randy Campbel and Skip Fazzari has consulted for the FBI’s counterfeit detection for many years before working at ICG.

This video will show you how the basics of how to find a fake Morgan Dollar.

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