Carson City Mint

The Carson City Mint is one of the most popular mints in the USA.  The US Mint published this piece on the Mint:

The Carson City Mint was established by Congress on March 3, 1863, to serve the coinage needs brought about by the Comstock Lode, the largest silver strike in the Nation’s history. Prior to the development of this facility, silver and gold ore mined in the Nevada territory was shipped to San Francisco for processing. However, the costs of shipping and the risk of theft necessitated a branch in the territory.

Groundbreaking ceremonies took place on July 18, 1866. The cornerstone for the new facility was laid on September 18, 1866, but the building was not completed until December 13, 1869. Abraham Curry, founder of Carson City, was appointed by President Ulysses S. Grant as its first superintendent. Curry, known as “The Father of Carson City” also supervised the construction of the mint. In 1870, just six years after Nevada entered the Union as the thirty-sixth state, residents enthusiastically welcomed their new mint.

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