San Francisco Minted BU Morgan Dollars

San Francisco Minted BU Morgan Dollars

San Francisco Minted BU Morgan Dollars

The San Francisco mint opened it’s doors in 1854 and has been a major branch U.S. Mint since then and still produces millions of coins every year.  One of the most beautiful coins they minted is the Morgan Silver Dollar.  The first Morgan Silver Dollar was minted there in 1878 and continued up until 1921.  Most of the coins from 1878 to 1884 were stored in vaults and not distributed into circulation until 1885.  This is one reason why the earlier year always come very flashy and strong BU coins.  Right after being minted, they were put back in the vault to sit untouched for many years.  Today we are offering San Francisco Minted BU Morgan Rolls.

We have 5 Early Dates that we feel are the top choice for collectors.

1878-S Morgan

1879-S Morgan

1880-S Morgan

1881-S Morgan

1882-S Morgan

You can see from the video how attractive each coin is and you will get fresh crisp BU Coins on every order.

We look forward to getting these coins in your hands.


James Dauenheimer

James Dauenheimer

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