1868 NGC MS67 Gold Dollar


DATE: 1868

MINT: Philadelphia




SERIAL: 2019205-002

This 1868 $1 Gold Dollar has been graded MS67 by NGC.

NGC Price Guide = $18,000
Mintage: 10,500
NGC Population:  1 / 1

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After the Civil War times were tough and money was tight.  The 1868 Gold Dollar was used in circulation often.  Although the mintage was rather high with 10,500 there are very few examples left in grades higher than MS64 because of this mass circulation of the coin.  This 1868 NGC MS67 G$1 has an exquisite original mint luster with milky golden fields.  She is spot free and is an incredible coin.


After it was determined that the Type 1 gold dollar was too small for everyday use, the Type 2 was created with a larger diameter and a thinner girth. This higher relief and thinner girth would result in most type 2 gold dollars wearing down to faceless disks over time. The type 3 gold dollar was minted in 1856-89. With an Indian Princess lady liberty on the obverse, the Type 3 was created as a remedy to the Type 2 design flaw. Mintages for this issue would rise into the 7 figure range up until the beginning of the civil war; after which hoarding the seized mint production would cause mintages to plummet. This example of the Type 3 gold dollar still has all of its original luster and has virtually no distracting marks.  Not an easy find in these higher grades and with plenty of eye appeal to boot, this coin is sure to satisfy the serious collector.


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