1921 Silver Morgan Dollar AU Lot of 20


DATE: 1921






These are 1921 Morgan Dollars in AU condition.

  • This lot is for 20 coin.  If you choose a quantity of 2, you will purchase 40 coins, etc.
  • The coin(s) pictured are just an example. You will receive coins that are very similar in condition.
  • Mint mark(s) on these coins will be of our choosing and may or may not vary, determined by stock on hand.

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1921 AU Silver Morgan Dollar

The 1921 AU Morgan is a great choice for someone who wants a Morgan Dollar in a nearly uncirculated condition at an affordable price.

The History of the 1921 Silver Morgan Dollar

The 1921 Silver Morgan Dollar is the final year of issue for the Morgan Dollar.  Like the 1878 to 1904 Morgan Dollars, this coin was also designed by George T Morgan.  George was an English immigrant who came to The United States in 1876.  There was a large mintage of coins in each of the 3 mints, Philadelphia (44,690,000), Denver (20,345,000), and San Francisco (21,695,000) however that allows them to be priced below a 1904 and Prior Morgan Dollar.  One of the cool things about the 1921 Silver coin is that this is the first and only time a Morgan Dollar was minted at the Denver Mint.  The 1921 Silver Dollar design was slightly different than the prior years with a few slight refinements that were used for that one year only and it was also produced with completely different hubs than the earlier years.

This is the perfect coin to add to your portfolio if you want the allure Morgan Dollar but do not want to pay the high premium of the Pre 1921’s, then this is the coin for you.

Value 1 US Dollar
Mass 26.73G (412 1/2gr)
Diameter 38.1 mm (1.5 in)
Thickness 2.4 mm
Edge Reeded
Year of Minting 1921
Composition 90% Silver
10% Copper
Mints Philadelphia
San Francisco
Design Liberty
Designer George T Morgan
Date 1921
Rev Design Eagle Clasping arrow
and olive branch

We offer our 1921 Morgans in the following conditions:

Cull 1921 Morgan Dollar

Circ or VG+ 1921 Morgan Dollar

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Brilliant Uncirculated 1921 Morgan Dollar

1921 Morgan Dollar Certified MS64 and MS65

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