1878-S to 1882-S Morgan S Mint Starter Set in ICG MS65


DATE: 1878-1882

MINT: San Francisco





San Francisco Morgan Dollar Short Set 1878 to 1882 graded in ICG MS65.

This listing is for 5 total MS65 “S” mint coins from 1878 – 1882


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1878-S, 1879-S, 1880-S, 1881-S, and 1882-S ICG MS65 Silver Morgans

This San Francisco minted Morgan Dollar short set is a great way to get your certified coins started.  Each of the 5 coins you will receive have been graded by Independent Coin Graders and are all MS65.  In the set of coins, you are getting the very first Morgan Dollar every created 1878, as well as 4 other attractive San Francisco, minted Morgan dollars.  The San Francisco Morgan Dollars have an exceptional eye appeal because they were treated with care at the mint and over 28 million of the early year coins were held at the mint in bags until 1885.  Therefore while many of these coins made it into circulation, there was a massive hoard held back from the mint for a few years.  The result of this are some truly beautiful coins.

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