The One, The Only, Octagonal Pan-Pac Coin

The One, The Only, Octagonal Pan-Pac Coin

1915-S Pan-Pac Octagonal PCGS MS62 $50


This 1915-S Pan-Pac Coin has to be one of my favorite coins.  Just feeling it in my hand it is a heavy and amazing coin that has a strong presence.  The back of the coin has an owl on it and is a fabulous design.

Pan Pac Reverse

The 1915-S Pan-Pac coin was born in the womb of the San Fransisco mint.  These octagonal $50 gold pieces are truly a sight to be seen.  The coins were made to commemorate the opening of the Panama Canal back in 1915; hence the nickname, “Pan-Pac.”  Many Pan Pac’s went unsold due to their high face value and after melting the unsold portion of the original mintage, only 645 coins remained.  Pan Pacs are big and heavy, and they are made of relatively soft metal.  This means that they are more susceptible to wear and damage than most other coins.  It’s also one of the reasons that this example is so cool.

As a strong MS62, every detail of its design is still visible, and there is nothing distracting enough to take away from its intended beauty. The color is a deep, almost fiery orange and as you swivel it under the light, it almost looks wet.  Pan-Pac coins are simply marvelous!  Even someone who knows nothing of coins can take one look at this one and know that it is something special.

PCGS Price Guide = 80,000
Mintage = 645
PCGS Pop = 106 / 337


Offered at $77,250


Verify the serial number at PCGS right here.

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  1. Do you still have 1915-S Pan-Pac Octagonal PCGS MS62 $50

    Ana Rivera
    September 7, 2020 Reply
    • I wish we did, but I sold this exact one. If you have an interest in one I have a few I can offer. Just let me know the specifics and I can get your more info. Please reach out by email or give us a call. Thanks, James

      James Dauenheimer
      September 9, 2020 Reply

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